Drug Testing?


Hi everyone, just a quick question for y’all. I occasionally like to indulge in a bit of Mary Jane but I’ve recently realised that companies might drug test me before any summer internships. I know this is common in the US but does this happen in the UK? I can easily stop during my job search but I’d rather not if you know what I mean!

Any help would be great!


It’s incredibly uncommon for drug testing to occur in most jobs in the UK, let alone for internships. The only places it would be considered would be safety-critical jobs. Also, the number of false-positives due to medications etc make drug tests not only an infringement on our civil liberties, but incredibly inaccurate.

You should have no problem in the finance sector as drug testing is near unheard of. One of my friends’ bosses even smokes the stuff, so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you EVER are asked to submit for a drugs test (although I highly, highly (pun not intended) doubt it), reject it on the basis of civil rights. We have numerous laws and legislations in the UK to protect worker’s rights and I’m pretty sure this would be covered.

Hope that helps!


Thanks that’s put my mind at ease somewhat! During my research it appeared that basically every big company drug tested but I never actually thought to check if it was only an American thing. Wonder why its so big over there?