drug testing


hi there, does anyone know any of the big fours policy on drug testing?



I’m not aware of any of the Big 4 drug testing anyone for any job based in the UK. It’s much more of an American thing (where I think a lot of companies drug test as part of their interview process and then drug test at 6-12 month intervals).

I believe that most employment contracts state something about how the employer expects their employees to stay away from drugs, and it is possible that you might have to sign something/agree to the possibility of being random drug tested - but in practice this just doesn’t happen in the UK… probably something an employer would only test if you started rolling up at lunchtime every day with bloog red eyes, or leaving trails of white powder after you whenever you paid a visit to the toilets!

The only UK organisations who are likely to drug test as part of their assessment process are MI5, MI6, the Police and The Civil Service.


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…Considering HR at the Big 4 do regularly read this forum, it’s probably for the best your user name isn’t your actual name! :slight_smile:


hehe yeah i had thought about that already… wish my real name was inertia creeps! that would be awesome!


…you should make a few applications with that name. I know someone who made two applications to a Big 4 firm, one under his normal name and one with a slightly altered CV as “Andre the Giant”

…actually in his case Andre the Giant ending up being invited for interview but he was rejected!


that’s funny!


Isn’t it.

Actually it was quite a clever trick of his to make two applications. His plan was that if both applications were accepted, he could attempt the online tests as “Andre” as a practice run, and then take the test for real with his real name knowing exactly what to expect.

Everyone currently making online applications to companies with automated application processing systems should really pay attention to this…!


That’s quite a neat trick actually! Big 4 definately don’t drug test their candidates. They might not like what they find!

I imagine it’s probbaly illegal to do that anyway unless you had special cirumstances e.g. joining the army.