Driving Ban: Will This Affect My Accountancy Career. HELP PLEASE!



I am looking for some advice if possible. I have recently been convicted of a 12 month driving ban due to a drink drive incident whereby I was 8 millilitres over the specified limit. I am a training professional to be an accountant under the CIMA body. I have already contacted CIMA to let them know, who said it will not impact my membership to CIMA, I have also told my employer.

I am looking to get information on what I need to declare in my future on this, as originally I thought that I would only need to declare this to employers until it is spent, but from what I can see, I will also need to declare this for the rest of my life due to my profession?

The part I don’t understand, and am extremely worried about, is do I just declare this if asked if I have any spent convictions? As most employers I work for ask “Do you have any unspent criminal convictions, motoring included”

I am struggling to understand if I have to actually declare it to the employer on my own back, or if they ask if I have any convictions, regardless if they are spent (Which not many employers do)

I am just worried, that I will never be able to get jobs in the future and would really like some help if possible.


Hi Lee,

From experience, my advice here would be you don’t have to declare it to your employer off your own back. You’re correct in saying for each new job (and at least annually in an existing job) you will usually need to answer the question “Do you have any unspent criminal convictions” and you should definitely declare it then.
Having said that, I don’t believe it is going to have an impact on any future roles. This is confirmed by CIMA stating it will not impact your membership (which primarily is what future jobs will care about).

Hopefully this is helpful! Good luck!