Dresscode - Business Casual


Can anyone help me out? What would a guy wear in a ‘business casual’ environment? I know you can wear dark jeans but not sure what else constitutes ‘business casual’?


Hi there!

I went to a Deloitte interview a while ago and they asked for business casual dress. luckily they gave some guidelines as to what this means:

Guys: trousers and shirt
Girls: skirt/trousers and shirt

Essentially, I believe they don t expect you to wear a full suit with tie when they say business casual, just trousers and shirt.

Hope this helps!


Could you give any other examples of what guys could wear please? :slight_smile:

So would just a suit and shirt do or is that too over the top?


Hey, I am a reader of The Gateway and they actually covered this in an issue a few months ago! I just went on their website and its on there too: http://thegatewayonline.com/articles/internships/what-to-wear-for-interview. Its not fully comprehensive but it helped me work out what to wear when I applied for a first year programme and helped me relax about what I was wearing!