Dress Code for E&Y



I recently landed myself a job with E&Y in one of their regional offices, it isnt a graduate job specifically but I was just wondering if anyone knows what their dress code is? I cant find anything about it anywhere and have no idea what to wear for my first day next week!

Any advice welcome!! Thanks!!


This is not a very bright question. If you’ve got a job in a regional office, it’s almost certain that you’ve already been there. What were the people you met/spoke to/saw wearing?

In any event always, always err on the side of smartness.


talking of dress code is kaplan financial just casual wear?

what do people usually wear - normal clothing or business casual?


I met a grand total of 4 people, 2 of them being male so wearing a shirt and tie, and the 2 women I met were dressed in suits however they were both pretty senior, so I was wanting something a bit more definite possibly from someone who works in an EY regional office.


Kaplan is casual wear. Shorts, jeans, flip-flops whatever.

At the office it’ll be suit and shirt. Most people are unlikely to wear ties unless they’re meeting clients. Can’t hurt to shove one in the pocket though. I took mine off within about 5 minutes.


Turn up as smart as possible - suit/tie (are you a guy/girl?). If this is too smart you can tone down the next day.


Im a girl. Think I will go with a suit aand smart shirt then, I suppose if its a bit much I can always take the jacket off pretty sharpish!


Exactly. Let us know how it goes!


I think a suit will be fine. You’ll look great if you are dressed smartly and won’t be out of place, you’ll look stupid if you’re under dressed. Generally speaking, the dress code at the [[big 4]] is smart casual in the office (for guys this would be trousers, shirt no tie) and whatever the client wears for meeting clients- although most tend to stick by a suit for this.

If you’re doing [[audit & assurance]] you will be meeting clients every day, so dress smartly.

Kaplan financial dress code is jeans and t-shirt, or anything else you choose.