Doosan Babcock graduate finance scheme


numerical and verbal tests for Doosan babcock graduate finance scheme.
Any ideas what tests these would be?


Like this - [[numerical reasoning]] & [[verbal reasoning]].


hi J

How was your phone interview? I have mine on wednesday. What was the application process like ie the assessment centre. Are there any online tests or just paper based when you get there.

Any help would be fantastic



Hello everybody

I have an upcoming telephone interview with Doosasn Babcock, could you give me any advice of your previous experience with this company?

Thanks alot


Hi delaram

My telephone interview was very informal. First asked why I chose the subjects I studied in A levels and at uni, what I enjoy doing and why. The questions asked were based on the online application form so read it before the interview.



Hi Moraldds

Thank you for your reply, I had my interview on wednesday, as you mentioned it was an informal chat and only took 8 minutes and the lady who was interviewing me wouldn’t really let me to explain anything. I didn’t do very well in the telephone interview and i do not expect to be selected for any further assessments, but they will call me next wednesday to officialy let me know that I haven’t been successful.

The questions were: why I did choose this programme? , why I am interested in finance? , If I am allowed to work in UK? , When I first came to UK and how was my experience? , what I am doing now? , what is my ideal job and what type of jobs I have applied for? and also what are my strenghts?

What I understand is that they are looking for accounting graduates or people with strong interest in accounting to do either CIMA or ACCA, it’s not bad to have a little opinion about these certificates and that which of them is your favourate, let them know that you have been thinking or are interested in doing these accounting programmes.