Does this sound promising for a job?


Hello I received this email today from Wincanton, I was wondering what you think, whether its positive or negative?:

Dear Robert

Thank you for contacting the Graduate Team, apologies for the delay in responding to you. At the moment the business is reviewing each support role HR, Finance, Procurement to see how many Graduates we can take on, the support roles are still in discussion to see how many Graduates we could take on

However we have had confirmation that we will be taking on 12 x Supply Chain Operational Management Graduates for which we are assigning these Graduates to Assessment Centres.

Would you consider being put forward for the Operational Scheme? Or would Finance still be your 1st choice?

If you would like to be put forward for the Supply Chain Operational Management Scheme please could you contact us as soon as possible via email so we can arrange for you to be assigned to an Assessment Centre.

Yours Sincerely

Wincanton Graduate Team



Give these guys a wide berth and move on to some companies who are able to interview you for the position you want to apply for.
That’s like going into a shop and asking for a shirt with a monogram R and they say “Sorry we have only got T, would you like that instead?”
Presume you are looking for job in finance, ACCA, I guess if you are applying to industry…not Supply Chain…


Hey Robert, can u remember some of the question they asked u in telephone interview. I’m having my interview tomorrow, really dont know what they would ask.



Hey, they asked me my name and how im doing and stuff, and she told me what the interview was going to be about and how long it will last etc… she then went on to ask me three competency questions, i think they were talk about a time when i was a leader, talk about my time I had to solve a problem, and talk about a time i had to motivate people… she then talked about my cv and she asked me if i had any questions to ask her ( I would ask her at least one… shows your interested, for example what the graduate scheme entails)… it was a quick, easy interview and you should have no problems… If i were you i would have your cv next to you and answers to likely competency question so that you can quicly answer them, thus showing them you can think quick on your feet :smiley:


Also they got back to me yesterday and I have got throug to the assessment stage of the application :D:D:D:D:D


Sounds good. What sort of salary do they offer graduates and what training, prof qualifications?
Did you say you also applied to White Young Green? Seriously, they are in a bad way financially.


They offer £22,500 to start and it increases annually, also you can acquire bonuses if you are really good, it seems a brilliant job and I am looking forward to the assessment stage, and no I havent applied for white young green


hey Robert

I have been invited to the assessment centre as well but they have asked me to inform them about my contact address so that they could post me some stuff about the date and the venue (probly a distribution centre) and other details…kind of weird though…neways do u know what date u r going for the big day…and o yeh i hv applied for the operations management scheme… r u still up for finance or hv u switched to operations…



ye they asked me the same stuff too mate, hopefully i will be going to the chippenham centre… i am still waiting for my letter through the post, it should come in the next week i think… they told me im still in position for the 2 jobs so i should get one. * crosses fingers * :D… hope to see ya if we go to the same assessment centre!


o yeah!! “2 positons” complicated haan :D…i will let u know abt my centre…do u hv any idea wat we will be assessed upon…cudnt find nething in detail abt wat to expect from wincanton on the day…Hope to c ya too


no, i dont know what they will assess us on… i assume they will make us do a presentation, redo online tests and do a interview or two lol… should be a fun day though hahah… if we do go to the same assessment centre, my name is rob :wink:


Congrats to all. This isn’t really an accounting thread so maybe you should post this information on the other industry threads too which could probably benefit from it and will help someone there.


Have any of you been to the assesstment centre yet. if yes plz do let me know what did they ask and how did it go, such as what question did they ask and what sort of exercies you did. thanks in advance, plz let me know i m very confused…


Hey Rob, hope u doing great and had a great day at assesstment centre, could u let me know how was it and what did they ask u, what exercises u did? wuld appreciate that