Does this graduate job look good?

The Graduate

Hello, I received an email recently from Wincanton saying:

Dear Robert

Thank you for contacting the Graduate Team. In regards to your query we are at this time preparing Assessment Centres with the idea to start within the next few weeks, we will be soon allocating successful candidates to these Assessment Centres. As you can imagine this will take a little time with admin work and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to update you with more information

Apologies that we haven’t responded to you sooner and we thank you for your patience

Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us

Yours sincerely

Wincanton Response Team

Do you think this sounds promising for me, or doesnt it sound good at all lol?


standard. Not positive and not negative. They are still screening.


There must be some sort of award for this company?
Someone out there can surely come up with some Ian Hislop/David Mitchell humor for this one?


Hi Rob,

I would say, from experience, that the email is neither an indication of a possible Assessment Centre nor a rejection, if you emailed them after taking a phone interview then it means they’re still processing your answers, and possibly scoring your answers against other candidates after which they will schedule successful candidates to the AC. I guess it’s a waiting game now and hopefully they will let you know the outcome soon.


Are you asking whether it looks like you’ve got a good chance of getting the job? If so, then i honestly think it’s completely neutral and is what they tell everyone who’s got through the first round. You’ve got just as much chance as anyone else.


For some reason I cannot see your replies lol, do any of you know how to fix it?


What position are you applying for in Wincanton? They sound completely useless to me. They do not have the wow factor to entice any enthusiastic graduates. Last time I heard an “excuse” like that the firm almost ceased trading. (White Young and Green).


haha i am applying for a graduate trainee scheme with them, it seems to be a fantastic scheme but they take ages with their application processing!!