Does the Greece situation count as a current business story?


I went to my careers service today and came out more confused then ever! In my mock interview, I was asked to speak about a current business story that interested me. I went into great detail about Greece and why it interested/affected me, only to be told that this was financial story and not a business story. I then went to my second choice, speaking about BSkyB and the failed takeover. The response was that everyone would be talking about this and I should pick another topic.

I just want to know how accurate this advice is and whether it would be more appropriate to talk about Greece if the question was about a commercial story instead? Any help would be really appreciated!


Yes, the debt crisis mainly in Greece and of course in Ireland had/will have an impact on Portugal,Spain,Italy etc etc. So yes, the macro economy affects business. Strictly speaking though, its not a business issue as countries are not business but broadly speaking it is a business issue as it has an impact on consumer spending, cash supply, interest rates, inflation .All of the above have an impact on growth.

Disregard what your career service service told you but i would advise you to support your opinion. Everyone can pick some headlines and describe or talk about news. I would try to find what this means for business and their growth opportunities.

So no Greece alone does not have an impact on Tesco for example but Greece>Ireland>Portugal>Euro would surely do, at leatst in Europe.

I bet that the manager and the partner that will do the interview will understand a bit more than the career service of your uni.