Does PKF have a full assessment day?


Ive seen:

Online App, Num/Ver tests, first competency interview, case study/2nd interview, offer?

Also, has anyone applied for an AAT position? Do they do ACA or CA?


There is no assessment day as such. You are right, the final stage is 2nd interview and Case Study and I was also required to re-do the online tests. As far as I know, all new starters now do ACA rather than CA. Not sure about AAT.


Hello JMS

did you apply for PKF?

i was wondering whether you experienced the 2nd interview?
and would it be okay to tell me what to expect, and what you think they are looking for?

thank you for your help!!


Yes I work for PKF now. Have a look on the thread PKF Full Experiences and that should answer your questions. Message me if you want any more info.


Ive a final interview with pkf london AAT scheme. Anyone know what to expect and salary?