Does E&Y Consulting practice truly exist ?


I have been trying to find out if there is a separate entity called &Y’s Consulting practice. The reason why I ask is because I have been reading in websites like about E&Y’s consulting practice, and there are reviews about it as well.

Is E&Y Consulting truly a separate group of folks different from their Accounting practice, or is it the same as their Advisory service line ?



It is the same thing. i.e their consulting arm is called advisory


Ok … thanks for the clarification.

I was curious as to why they are trying to recruit folks with ERP implementation experience SAP. Oracle etc. I thought they wanted to stay away from such services.

Do they have any ERP project going on ?


They will do whatever the client is doing at the time to try and meet their numbers.

No strategy, very reactive, with a culture of ‘hire and fire’ (If they can’t sell in experience on subsequent assignments (the partners who brought you in have moved on and) they will ‘downsize’ as happened with their IT Security team. You also get sold at a low day rates by these Business Advisory partners and will have to work every hour of the day to make your targets. Good brand but in Advisory experience gained and lifestyle get low scores.


Is Business Advisory same as their Performance Improvement group ?


Anyone joining EY in september 2011?