Does Deloitte require my GCSE/AS grades?


Hello everyone,

New here so go easy :slight_smile:

Im wondering is there any point in adding all my GCSE grades to a Deloitte (audit) application? I have given my grades for Maths and English as they ask for them. But are the rest needed?

Also what about an AS grade is there any reason to add that as im sure they want the 300 UCAS points from 3 A levels only so will they even look at the AS? The grade for the AS is below a C so im thinking it may be best to leave that out?



If you trawl through the forum for Accountancy you’ll see various discussions about ommissions from application forms. General consensus is put EVERYTHING down. Some guys seem to have come unstuck (unfairly, I believe) for ommissions = not telling the truth on the application and consequently had offers withdrawn.


I will echo Tutor. Put everything (every single details, no matter the results) down because you do not want to have done all the hard work and received an offer and only on the basis that you omitted something, the offer is withdrawn.

Normally, once you have 300 UCAS points from your A Levels, they will not look at the other results but they will find it strange that you only put down some grades and they can talk all over again about honesty and integrity.

Good luck with your application.


Thanks for the two replies.

Looking back I guess I should include the AS level as they state to include:

A-Level/AS/Higher and equivalent

But GCSE doesn’t really fall into that category does it?

And by default they have 5 fields open so im assuming that’s for people wanting to add in 3 A levels and then 2 AS levels as some people take on 5 to start with?

Im just thinking that maybe they don’t actually want to see GCSE grades they only care about your Maths and English for GCSE? I could be wrong here…


put it all down!!


hi, i missed out two GCSEs; one I forgot about and the other was a really low grade, and i still got an offer from Deloitte.