Does anyone know what is the logic based business simulation exercise at BDO?


Hello everyone
I just got an Email from BDO said I was invited to the first round interview and there will be a logic based business simulation excercise. I have no idea what it is. Does anyone have similar experience can tell me how it’s like? Thanks a lot.

BTW, they told me the whole interview will last about three hours which is really strange…


hi, im just about to take my online tests so will hopefully progress to first interview stage. where are you applying and for what service line?


Hello, beverage, I’m applying for the Technology Risk Advisory position in London.


How wz the interview?


It was ok. Actually, I felt great at the interview and the exercise. The people there were really nice.
However, they turned me down the second day by E-mail and the feedback showed that my English was not good enough for a consultant role. It’s really disappointed as I wanted the job very much. But…maybe I still need to progress…

So…hopefully we all can get a job soon.