Does anyone know what is the FASTRACK test?????


If anyone knows anything about the Fastrack test, please help me!!!

I like this job!!!

Thanks a lot!!!


Do you mean the [[SHL]] [[Fast track test]]?


Yes exactly! It is the SHL one. Do you know anything about it???

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:


It’s a card based/logical reasoning (deduction?test.

I think the general consensus is it’s quite easy…although you can’t really prepare for it.

You’ll be given 5 or 6 piles of cards all with information from which certain rules can be deduced…although the information won’t be complete.

For example, one set of cards wil be about company car allowances. Each card will show how far the person drives each month/year/the grade of their job/their job title. Few if any will be complete and you have deduce the rule from the information you do have. For example over 25k miles is “the only thing the same” on two cards with the same car allowance. Therefore over 25k probably gets that grade in every instance unless you have deduced OTHER information to the contrary. You don’t have to work out ALL the rules, you only have to figure out the rule relevant to the gaps ont he “question card” which has it’s blanks marked with question marks.

Some are number based. Some are alphabetical/verbal based, most combine the two. One I did was based on timezones and planning meetings between them.

I don’t think they change it very often but it is impossible for me to remember much more than that!

They do give you a couple of practices first and they tell you if you need to re-examine your answers.

Hope that helps, it definitely sounds harder than it is! Ooh one thing that might help prepare are Mensa reasoning tests…we used to get given them in school and I seem to remember them being similar if you can find them…?

Good luck…it’s nice when you want something…you might just get it!



L_L can you remember what you put down for the time zone one? That was the one that completely stumped me!


jings. was a year ago now!

I can’t remember what I put but if you can remember the details I could maybe help work it out if it’s really bugging you! Was hard but I think I remember being able to do it.

You do it in sections and use info from your earlier answers to work out the last one…Japan?..with all the info missing i think?



Yeah it was about arranging teleconferencing meeting times or something, I remember getting to a point and then it was AUS or Japan that completely stumped me

It was something like I’d figured the time difference out for some of them but there was one that just didn’t fit


Any joy remembering how you managed it L_L?


Please anyone can help me with Fast - Track Test??? Help guys i need this job.


there’s really nothing to add to the link provided by Redsuperted. There’s no way to practice online and it really is about your ability to deduce things and find relationships between the cards. It’s really either something you’re good at or not… is it for BDO? If it is, then it really doesn’t play a part in whether they hire you or not…even less so if you had a good A/C. Sorry it’s not much helps and best of luck!


I’ve got AC with BDO tomorrow. I’m hoping that the fast track still doesn’t play a part!


What is BDO??


Can anyone help me with the fast track test. Do u guys remember any of the questions & answers. its urgent.


I recently took the fastrack test and would like to add my ten pence worth to this thread.

As others have posted; it’s all card based information scavenging, rule pondering, and space filling. I’m not sure generalising this test as “easy” or “simple” is a wise thing. It is apparent when you do this test, that there is no way you can prepare for it. (unless you go out and physically buy yourself a set). It’s either you get it straight away (or after time consuming thinking), or are completely lost (at some point or other).

For me, I completely struggled with the test, hell I got 1 of the 3 practise questions wrong. Unfortunately unlike other tests, there is no worked explanation given for the practise question; which would be useful for providing insight into the style of thinking required for proceeding questions. I’m pretty decent at the numerical, verbal, logical reasoning tests; but this on the other hand (for me personally) was invented to practically baffle applicants.

My test had 5 questions each with countless number of cards of info, and given roughly 7 mintues for each (!). This in itself is ridiculous because the time constraint coupled with a table mess full of 20+ cards whilst your trying to work out intricate rules to answer the missing info required, is not ideal. Moreover I believe random ‘red herring’ data is included to throw you off the scent of the main rule, or rules required for each question.

Regardless, questions ranged from: types of flights around the world / points received, taxation of goods from different countries, conference call times, book prices / library arrangements.

I was able to answer the majority of questions, most likely incorrectly. However like the posts above, the time conference question completely confused me. There was no specific answer for some cards, and the question just stated “just choose the best time that fits” (?), huh? Also there were some GMTs required which made no sense at all, as the data cards were inconsistent and ambiguous.

Overall the fastrack test is highly complicated and ambiguous. The lack of time and sheer dullness of handling 20+ cards per question is tiresome & makes things tougher than they ought to be. Whether your smart, dumb, degree educated or not; this test is for the most part accessible to only a small niche of people from any walk of life. In a sense, the fastrack is essentially a “puzzle game” that either some can do, or some can’t do. Testing only ones “puzzle” solving skills, as such it completely does not reflect the “real” skills and qualities of applicants whom undertake it as part of an application stage.

Assessors should hand applicants with a Rubik cube, or a selection of Professor Layton DS puzzles and state: “first two people to finish first is successful at this stage”. Such is how useless the fastrack is at assessing “real” skills.

EDIT: Didn’t score high enough on the fastrack test. Rejected. Just a waste of time.


I completely agree, rejected twice from assessment centres because of the stupid fast track tests…waste of time and my life