Does anyone know the average SHL passing score for Financial Companies?


I’m just wondering if anyone know any specific guideline about the SHL score for most of the financial companies?
Currently I’m applying for PwC now, I would really appreciate if someone knows about the passing score.

I did a practise from the SHL website the other day, which I got about 70% for both section.I don’t know if that would be ok for me to directly take the online test provided by PWC now or I should do more practise to get an higher.

Thanks for the help


Hi eoewllen,

The ‘passing score’ doesn’t really exist in terms of the tests themselves - it is down to the company that you are applying for to decide what the pass mark is.

That said, 70% is a good score. More practice is always good, so it’s really down to whether you feel comfortable / confident to take the real test.

Good luck!


above 70%… i would say