Does anyone know if you only do a numerical and diagramatic reasoning at the pwc final assessment day or do you do a verbal also


Anyone know?


No verbal, justthe other 2.

As a tip for the numerical test, it’s judged on the number you get right out of the no of q’syou attempted, not how many you complete.

Also, the same information appeals several times but randomly sol look for q’s on the same info as this will save time.


my AC email says I will have a n numerical and verbal. I gave verbal test for the online stage as well. So, I’m confused. Anyways its too late. Mines tomorrow. I will let you know what it was. When’s yours?


I think, they ask you to take the tests depending on your level of writing/verbal skills. THey probably judge your verbal skills by looking at your essays and then require you to take either math and logical reasoning or math and verbal after the application stage. Then at AC you will take math and verbal. I was asked to do Num and logic reasonong after application stage.


surbhimehra, can you share your 1st interview with us please?


Hi londonbloke, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I did not have a first interview. I’ve been throne straight into the deep end…AC! I’m quite nervous actually.


I think you’re half right here bud.

I just had my AC for actuarial and i was asking the employee a lot of questions about how everything was scored. she wouldn’t say if it was based on the total correct out of the total possible questions… all she said was “it is judged on accuracy”… which leads me to believe you would be correct. However, if that were the case, why not just do 1 question, get it right, and stop? Follow me? So it would have to be a combination of both.

As for my experience, if anyone is wondering. The Numerical test is a LOT more time pressured than the online version, do yourself a favor and don’t face the clock or worry about the time (thatll only waste your time by forcing you to take your eyes off your paper)… Just try to do at least 12 and get them all right, if u ahve time, do more… SKIP questions if they are worded in a difficult way

As for the diagrammatic tests… I did all 40 in 15 minutes. Some of them don’t take too much thought, but there are some that make you think differently than you had for the others. Don’t sweat it, all in all I think the people who get to the assessment center are basically confirmed, just prepare for the interview (i was told by the assessor that this was the most important part).

oo also, BRING YOUR OWN CALCULATOR… i opted for their calculator and it completely screwed me over. the decimal button didnt work right, and it wasnt easy to get it from a fraction to a decimal… annoying. if i would have had my own calculator i might have finished 2 more of the questions.

ummm… as far as the partner interview 1on 1 goes… do your best preparing for it by reading the FT and bloomberg and bla bla bla… focus on articles that are relative to the area of PwC that you are applying for! If you do that, chances are you will easily be able to answer any questions that the interviewer asks you.

Oh, and dont be afraid to ask them how u did at the end. I was very honest with mine, and asked a lot of questions throughout (not about how i was doing in the interview) and it made it a LOT more of a conversation rather than an interview.

My assessment center was yesterday, now im waiting to hear back…

oo 1 more encouraging thing.

she told me that over 15000 people applied last year… half made it to the second stage (i.e. past the 500 word question)… and only 1800 made it past the phone interview…

they had 1500 spots… so really if you make it to the AC, just think of it as having to beat out 1/6 of the people… however, everyone is going to be there for a different job/internship/placement year/department, so they arent your competition…


ill let you guys know if i got through or not, right now im just anxiously waiting =)