Does anyone here work for McKinsey, Bain or BCG?


If you do - I wuld like to get an idea of what it’s like working for either of those. On the one hand, I hear horror stories of 100hr weeks, on the other 60ish - which is similar to what I do currently at another consultancy.



When you say another consultancy, is that by any chance PwC? I’m starting with them on Monday, 13 September. I’ve heard horror stories about those above three too though. A friend is starting his Summer Internship with McKinsey & Co. on Monday for nearly two months and he’s already informed me of how much of a life-sucker it’s going to be. He’s not getting paid for it either, unlike the other two Summer Interns. I don’t know why he’s putting himself through it personally.


Hmmm - no, not PwC, I’m afraid. More IT, more american, more blue.

So no one here works for Ms and Bs? Really? Or are you just hiding?



I would also really like to hear of an inside account. Does anyone know if the mbeebies offer insight days or such like. I know the discover program at McK is only open to 1st and second years.



Bump again


Hi, I have Mckinsey fully owned subsidiary ‘Finalta’ online tests, its completely a new format of exam, involving some Excel related exams, Has anyone taken such exam before if so can you share your experience and what they look for?