Does anybody know how may graduate positions are big 4 offering this year (Starting in Sep 2009)?


Does anybody know how may graduate positions are big 4 offering this year (Starting in Sep 2009)?


What do you mean? Do you mean in light of the credit crunch? …right now they are mostly recruiting as normal… but if things get worse they will probably cut down on generalist graduate hires.


Thanks for your reply. Well, far as I known, each company of big 4 recuited about 1000 graduates EY offered 750 positions so I would like to know how many positions they are offering this year to compare the competition level. I am afried that the credit crunch will result in a decline in the number of vacancy they offer.


You will probably have more trouble getting into Corporate Finance/Transaction services but the demand for graduates in the other divisions seems to remain at 2007 levels.


A good friend who works for Deloitte on grad recruitment said that they had cut the number of grad intakes this year by 30 places, but to be honest the number of positions increases slightly year on year so this would just put the number of places back to last years intake.

Either way, this year stil looks ok, however next year there is a very high chance they will cut back more on grad positions.


many thanks for ur reply



Apparently it’s not the fact that they’re reducing the number of grads they take on, its that applications have increased by 80% for the majority of the Big4 so far… Ugh!


Go to efinancial careers ( - “Lehman CVs are trickling down into the Big Four accountancy firms and beyond.” Moreover, Deloitte are getting “interest from people who were on Lehman’s graduate scheme.” Evidently, competition is high this year. Also, some Big 4 areas are defo not recruiting this year, such as KPMG Transaction Services and Corporate Finance.


Had First round interview with deloitte today…
Coz the person who was supposed interview me did not turn up…I had to wait for about 2 hours…
A girl from HR took me to hv a cup of coffee…She told me …in London office, for 2009…
there are about 180 positions…and the moment about 100 left…
and its very competitive…basically…people who orginally planned to apply banks are looking position in Accounting firm…
Its for Audit btw


wow! they still have 100 open?? strange cos kpmg seem to have filled their quota for audit in london.