Document Review Exercise


Hi there,

Does anyone know of any example document review/eye for detail exercises for me to practise?

I’ve found one on the Accenture website but other than that I’m having some difficulty locating any. Do many firms use this approach and if so do they provide practice examples?

Any help greatly appreciated!


I think the difficulty you are experiencing in finding practice tests of this nature stems from the fact very few companies actually use this type of exercise as a recruitment tool.

I’ve looked at the Accenture practice test. This certainly gives you an idea of what to expect. Other than that practicing for this type of test isn’t too hard - find a document with some mistakes in it, and find them!

Which firm are you expecting to get a [[document review exercise]] at?


I’ve got an Accenture assessment centre coming up fairly soon and wanted to get a bit of practise in.

Their example is good, but I wanted to practise on a couple of others to try to develop some kind of technique before tackling their one as that will give me the best idea of how I’m doing.

I’m sure I could always go back through a few of my essays/dissertation from Uni, there’s bound to be some errors in there!

I do know that Ipsos-MORI (the research org) use them as my girlfriend is also trying to prepare.

Do you (or anyone else!) know anything about the Ipsos-MORI assessment centre?

They have a couple of group exercises, a competency interview, and then a series of tests- numerical reasoning, a statistical test and a survey write up. It is this last section (the stats test & survey write up) that I am struggling to find any info about…

Any help as ever, greatly appreciated!


What is a document review exercise by the way? Bit lazy to look it up…


See ‘’’[[Document Review]]’’’ Exercise.


you get given a document and have to check it for errors which could include:

Formatting (font, size layout)
Consistency (in terms)
Contents pages matching up with page numbers
Figures and graphs matching their titles

The document is normally too long for the very tight time limit imposed.


Oh well that doesn’t sound too difficult. Maybe I’ll try the practice one later to see.


Don’t forget to look at the [[Accenture]] profile!



how did everyone here do at their second stage?
any feedback would be greatly appreciated