Do Recruiters really look at LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook?


I recently signed up to Linkedin and read numerous articles about how good a networking tool it is. Does anyone have any positive experiences using linkedin or other networking sites in terms of successfully generated leads or interviews?

I understand how being connected to fellow employees and alumnis can be beneficial for the future (like 5-10yrs down the road) but have those sites helped anyone on a graduate or junior level entry?



Yes. I remember one of my interviewers (DB - IBD) looked into my linkedin profile - he asked a few questions about that during the interview!



Remember to complete your LinkedIn profile in full specifying keywords and objectives where necessary.

LinkedIn works both ways IBD_Haunter as it allows you to research your interviewer too.


I know, I use Linkedin to research my interviewers, if I know their names ahead of the interview.


but with linked in i swear you can only look at 3 profiles before you have to start paying


Not the case Gumbo.