Do Pwc have a GCSE requirement?


All of the other big 4 list what GCSE requirement they want where as Pwc don’t appear to have one. Do they purposely not have one or do they have one and just forgot to list it?



Yes they do need atleast a B grade in GCSE Maths and English


can you get through with a C in GCSE


Its possible but only through mitigating circumstances which they are going to need proof for.


Is it only GCSE you are weak in? What about A levels and degree?
If you struggled with GCSE can you cope with ACA exams?
If a candidate has a low score in GCSE English I would be seriously concerned as to his/her ability to be able to draft articulate reports letters etc to clients.


I’m confident I can get a 2:1 in my Accounting degree and in my A lvls I got AAB. The reason my English Language is a C is because I hated secondary school and was very depressed a lot of the time.

College was amazing, the students were more mature and as such I performed very well there. Am I allowed to resit my English Language GCSE whilst at Uni? I’m conifdent if I redid it now I’d get an A* with ease.

I’ve heard some businesses will only accept your first result in GCSE’s, is this true of the big 4? Or are you allowed to improve them?



Its true that they do not consider re-sit grade, the reason being the professional qualification exams are very challenging and they need to filter some candidates because they recieve atleast 20 applications for each vacancy.


It is probably more like at least 50 applications for each vacancy


warrior88, with regards to your following comment: “Yes they do need at least a B grade in GCSE Maths and English”, this is incorrect. They do not set requirements on GCSE grades. As they state on their website, you need at least 280 UCAS points and a 2.1 degree. However, as you can imagine having good GCSEs in addition to your A-levels and university grades will of course be favourable.
For those concerned, a GCSE C grade is fine, as long as you meet their other requirements you do not have anything to worry about. I got through with GCSE C grades!