Do IBs offer fast track recruitment if you have work experience?


Hi all,

I currently have a job offer from one of the Big4 to join as an auditor but am more interested in joining as an analyst at an IB. I have 1 year W/E at same Big4 (During Gap year) and have 1 year of W/E at Foreign Office as an economist between my 2nd and 3rd year. I am due to graduate in 2011.

My question is: Do IB recruiters offer fast track recruitment process if you have this kind of W/E or is it too unrelated? I would prefer not to fill out a tonne of application forms but am willing to do so fast track recruitment is unheard of in these circumstances. I would also rather not to waste my time cold calling/emailer recruiters if I have a 0% chance of getting fast tracked.

Have others had any luck contacting HR and if so do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance!


Some investment banks do have an official fast track approach, but this still involves going through the standard application process. The only difference to the normal recruitment process is the interview process is made within a single day and confirmation of offer made shortly afterwards.

This was the case for my brother this September with a well know IB.

I appreciate this doesn’t give you a concise answer but it does suggest that even through the standard application stage you can have a single interview and decision made there and then.