Do I stand a chance with the Big4? Please Advice!*****


Hi all,

I am at Imperial studying Maths with a 2.1 upon grad, straight A in A-level, have a few work experience in teaching and in customer service, with some university responsibilities such as treasurer, captain and secretary of societies.

I want to know the chance of me getting into Big4 for audit, if its very slim, then should I try to get an intern with the Big4 first?

or is the chance of getting an intern with the Big4 very slim for me too?

or is it better to go away and do a master at a business school first? [imperial business, lse, cass etc]

cheers everyone!


lol what makes you think you dont stand a chance? From what I have read, I think you stand every bit of chance as anybody else, and Internships do not harm anything either. Best of luck, be more confident and you will go far


You stand a very good chance… You have work experience which many graduates won’t have and a very good degree for a top university. You are in good stead my friend

The Untouchable One


As The Untouchable One said, you have a very good chance. The Big 4 don’t even require that you have a numerate degree let alone a business related degree, any online tests will ensure you match their requirements for numeracy and commercial awareness (amongst other criteria). Any work experience is a plus and while an internship would only help, it is by no means essential (whereas in IB at the moment it usually is).

My advice would be to research (website, these forums, any audit graduates at the firm) the firm and role extensively before and during your application. Know exactly what it is they are looking for in terms of skills you have obtained (from uni, work and hobbies).

This is coming from someone that was in a similar position to you, probably with less work experience, that was also doubting their chances. Right, I’m off on holiday now. Best of luck.



2:1 Maths Degree from Imperial?

One thing’s for sure - people certainly can’t say you have a Mickey Mouse degree!!!


May I ask how you guys decided which service line is the one for you?
eg PwC have 6 key business areas, each have many departments, there are just too many, and just by a few sentences describing what each one does on the website, doesnt really give us much of an insight, I have been wondering how everyone else made their decision, because if you dont know what you want to do exactly, then it will be very hard to be focused.


hey, i only got a 2.1 Accounting&finance from Notts uni and have just been made an offer for Audit graduate at KPMG so I dont see why cant you stand a chance with them ^^
I decided to take Audit since it has more vacancies so your chance is bigger. Also, audit gives great chance to get good understandings about businesses, ACA qualification is a (super) plus. Last, i’m good at numbers and like working with them, really. So here I go, chose to be an auditor ^^ hope it helps


hi there, thanks for the advices

may i ask what kind of work experience you had on your cv when applying for the grad role? did you have any kind of internships?

also may i ask is it easier to get an internship or grad role on the same thing [eg audit]



no internships whatsoever. what I got is only 2.5 years working p/t as cashier at sainsbury’s and I was Society’s secretary for a year.
I think as long as you figure out a way to translate whatever you got into the competencies they’re looking for, you’ll be safe. I had the same concerns as you b4 i applied and English is my second language as well. :slight_smile:


oh my god, are you serious?? Congratz to you and All the Best for your job ! =D

what gave you the confidence to apply straight for grad without intern??

i have always thought it would be super competitive and quite impossible to get in without an internship especially when its the recession now

so have you finished uni already or are you going to be on your final year, because i am suppose to be on a 4 year course, but i can always drop it down to a 3 year, i am going on my 3rd year in a month, so in a way i can apply for grad and intern at the same time, if i get an intern then i stay on for 4 years, but ideally i would like to just drop it to a three year and so this will be my final year and then next year work in big4, but first i need to be 100% prepared to fight for a grad role

Mega Thanks!


believe me, i’m not the only one without internship, i “interviewed” loads of graduates that came to my uni giving presentation abt companies and not all of them had internships b4 grad role.
I graduated last july for undergrad degree and am writing up for my master thesis, I applied for them in July/2010 and i am now about to start this Autumn ^^

anyway, all the best to you! Just be confident!


haha thanks man, you seem cool =D

all the best to you too!