Do I have a chance to apply for the big four accounting firms with these grades?


i finished college this year. My results were A in economics, A in business studies, and B in accounting. Due to my ill health i am not going to uni this year, do i have a chance to apply for the “big four” accounting firm. Also in my GCSE english language, i got a C and B in GCSE maths.

i wanted to apply for the big four but i am concerned about my GCSE english.

can anyone help please?

thank u


Are you talking about applying for the straight from college/non-uni positions?


i am talking about undergradaute positions


A degree is necessary for undergrad positions, but I’m sure some of the Big 4 have college leaver places - It’s worthwhile checking on their career sites, and perhaps contacting HR.


Hi Reg
I thought undergrad position is for non uni students or college leavers, Ernest and Young , it has Headstart Generalist which is aimed for non uni students/ college leavers, I was going to apply for the Headstart Generalist, but the EY entry requirement is 280 UCAS points, I got 340 which is more than enough, and grade B in GCSE maths and english, as I said earlier I got C in englsih, I am thinking, If I apply EY might reject my application, because of C in Englsih Language


Ahh right yes, sorry about that - i’ve found that most companies use the term graduate/undergraduate/student/entry-level etc. for the same thing, i.e grad schemes.

For the college leaver scheme I think you should be ok - give it a go with one of the big 4 first, i.e KPMG, as they give you detailed feedback if you don’t get past the first stage. If you get accepted your ok, but otherwise at least you can use the feedback to make your application better for the other 3.


thanks for that Reg

I remember my friend applying to KPMG A level trainee programme, KPMG accepted his application form, which meant he could do online numercial and verbal test. His results were really bad, for the verbal test he got only 19% and for the numeric test only 5 question right. It is belived that KPMG’s test are probably the hardest test among the big four firms.

Reg, do you know who provides KPMG the tests.


I think if you’re interested in the Big Four you should ring up HR and ask what their requirements are. You are right though, there is a scheme for students who have just left school and done A- Levels. Your A Level grades are pretty good actually!


Don’t worry about the grade C English GCSE. Grade C is low but not terribly low. It’s also elipsed by your AAB Alevel. I have heard a few people say [[KPMG]] have the hardest tests. Aren’t details of the KPMG test provider somewhere on the [[aptitude tests]] pages? It’s either [[shl]], [[psl]]/[[Kenexa]] or [[GTI Online Solutions (GTIOS)]] I think…!


Thank you Redsuperted

Do you have an anwer to this question: What topics do I have to go through, in order to pass the numerical test or the verbal test? I believe that preparation for these test is essential to go through to the interview stage. I would really appreciate it , if you can answer the above question. thank u very much


I would but I don’t quite understand… What topics do you have to go through? What do you mean - do you mean what revision/preparation you have to do?..

If you do mean this… I suggest using the WikiJob [[verbal reasoning]] and [[numerical reasoning]] tests (but of course I am biased :p) and using the [[SHL]] website practice test. There is also useful preparation material on the University of Kent careers office website.

If you’re struggling with the maths I suggest getting hold of a GCSE Maths revision guide and working through this (numerical reasoning will be GCSE level - probability/percentages/etc). Regarding verbal reasoning I recommend you just do lots of practice to get to grips with the style of these questions. People do badly because they are under-prepared - most people could do very well at any [[verbal reasoning]] test if they practice enough for them.


That is exactly what I meant. I better start now, lol.

Thanks a lot Rudsuperted.


No problem. Good luck. Keep us posted on your progress!


Yep you’re right. Yes you definately can apply. I knew a girl at [[PwC]] who was much younger than me and being paid way more than me.

However, a couple of things to consider:
*You cannot do the [[ICAEW]] [[ACA]] qualification without a degree- but could do [[ACCA]] or [[CIMA]] if you wanted to.
*Going to university is a mind opening experience and I have found a lot of people who haven’t had that experience to be somewhat lacking in personality and wordly knowledge.

If you can go to uni, I would!