Do firms consider the no. of times one has applied at their firm?


Hi Folks,

Just a curious question about the maximum no. of job applications an applicant can make to a firm. Have you or any of your friends have been successful on re-applying after being unsuccessful on previous attempts? or do firms just simply reject subsequent job applications if the applicant has been unsuccessful at a particular stage of the application previously and they find out? (although they may not claim to admit this)

Let’s put my question in perspective.
For example, Company A is a professional services company. It’s a mass recruiter having 1000+ graduate vacancies a year and easily receive 20,000+ applications in a recruitment cycle. If a Candidate B is unsuccessful, say after the Assessment centre stage in Year 1, are there any realistic chances that Candidate B will be successful in his subsequent job applications at Company A in the same year or maybe in the ensuing recruitment cycles?

My case:
I have applied to Company A four times. Is it worth re-apply for a 4th time?