Do employers check site like Wikijob?


I was wondering do employers check these forums when doing background checks and choosing people for interviews?
do they check for people who have used their actual name and penalise them, ie by not selecting them?


I doubt the big companies would go that extent of checking forums and websites for information on you.

Smaller companies who receive less applications may have the time to do some ‘google checking.’

Maybe some HR people can shed light on this?

However i dont suppose it would be worth risking it …



Actually I can shed some light on this. Companies do see forums like this one, and are aware of them, but do not go and check explicitly. However, sometimes users can be a little careless and specify their name, dates and times of interview, or other information that clearly identifies them, and then companies can obviously see everything they’ve written. I’ve not known any case where this has caused somebody to not get a job, but in certain cases where people have slandered HR and stuff we (WikiJob) get in trouble!



so do they actually search the name of the person on google then?? or do they just go to the various forums and seek out their thread and figure out the candidates?

i am scared because i have actually in the past used my real name in other forums and hope it may not jeopardise my application.
having said that surely companies cant penalise a candidate for using forum such as these, which obviously are not illegal. (but i guess unethical in some way)


Yes companies are increasingy googling candidates names - so past indiscretions on public forums can come back to haunt you

You should be very careful what you write in the public domain on the internet



anyway to get rid of your account and any posts you made?? :s


You could ask the admins to remove it - they might or might not

also wikijob is also mentioned on government sites like:


hmmm…think its already cost me! didnt get an invite to an AC after a wait of 2 months.


@TZ - WikiJob is not unethical! It’s just insightful :stuck_out_tongue:


I worked (and still do from time to time) in HR

can’t speak for big firms.

YES we do google names! I certainly do. Perhaps not in the initial stages, there are just hundreds or thousands and we have a live too ya know, we aint that voyeuristic. but at the end stage you betcha!

The cost of hiring the ‘wrong’ person or not the right fit. Cost firms not just the annual salary they pay you. But the opportunity cost of their wrong choice on top of that, if they got the ‘right’ person. Furthermore the ‘wrong’ person can mess up the dynamics of a team and cost even more!

Set you facebook to private (pics as well please), if you have a blog use it to your advantage if you can show off what you normally blog about, otherwise if you have written something that would not put you in good light, well you shouldnt have written it in the first place. Thou shan’t never write anything online that you would not be happy to wear as a T-shirt!. This include PMs, emails and even your comments on YOUTUBE!

Trust me some of them have forensic skills in searching, and I know a firm who has a dedicated team to do this alone.

Other firms won’t admit this, I will!


I have been criticised in another thread for not revealing the questions I had in a telephone interview for an ongoing application. My main motivation was not to give my competitors an advantage that I didn’t have, but I also considered that the HR team could track me down and see that I had revealed the questions they may not be too happy with me.


I think it is a matter of choice. A good proportion of people I suspect would think along your lines which is perfectly logical.

As long as you are not slandering your potential employer and not naming names you should be fine.

But imagine if everyone had the same motivation as you , not to give your competitors an advantage, the whole foundation of this wikijob site will be shaken to its core.

This is not any criticism as such, it makes perfect logical sense. But at the same time, I also believe there are altruistic people out there. And many of the informative post are evidence as such.

How much you want to give back in return is entirely up to you. For example the non-related entity (which I recently learnt) Wikipedia…

millions of people use wikipedia but do not contribute to it. That does not make them any less of a person. In fact I would say their usage helps generate the publicity for wikipedia which inturn feeds on that publicity.

End of the day, it is up to you if you want to contribute to Wikisites… Personally I don’t actually think it harms my application, if I was good enough, I was good enough to be selected Period. I cannot live with myself if I was selected because others who should have got my place didn’t because I fed off other people’s information but chose to withhold it myself.

If I am gonna win I wanna win fair and square.
I guess maybe I am just idealistic and stupid since real life is never so cut and dried. But that makes me happy and I can live with that.

I do not think anyone should criticize you because you do not want to share. But at the same time, I would imagine you shouldnt put yourself in that position and expect help from others privately at the same time.

Its just the law of reciprocity.


Well that is a different debate and i can’t agree that not revealing interview questions automatically means that one cannot or does not contribute in other ways, but all that is for a different thread.

My point is that if “John Smith” posts under a thread called “Interview with ABC Ltd” and reveals some of their interview questions and the HR of ABC Ltd read that thread, then they may not be particularly pleased with John and it could affect his application.

At least that seems like a plausible scenario to me… ?



I guess it is up to the recruiter individually and we have no way of knowing if they look at the wikijob site.

First of all you have to ask yourself the question what do you think that can be said in the post that would make ABC not so pleased with John. Is it what John said or how he said it?

Two possible senarios, assuming you never sign any NDAs.

  1. ABC Ltd look at it negatively for the following reasons

1a) You make it harder for them to assess candidates since you exposed the questions

1b) Such action might be deemed indicative of your future behaviour as an employee and you might end up sharing ‘trade secrets’ if they do hire you.

1c) This guy is individualistic


  1. ABC Ltd look at you favourably

2a) This John Smith is a man who is clearly altruistic, and not afraid of ruining his own chances.

2b) Such action might be deemed indicative of your future behaviour as an employee and you are one that would help your co-workers.

2c) This guy is a TEAM PLAYER!

Personally, I think any self respecting HR person in this day and age would expect applicants/candidates to talk and communicate. Everyone or firm is different, choose a strategy and stick to it.

Again my view is biased and I think it wouldnt make much difference, most candidates will come prepared anyway.
It’s a tough one to call


Don’t post under your real name on here, I don’t.

The one thing I don’t like is the facebook checks. I’m pretty sure every graduate may have pictures of themselves drunk from their university days on facebook. How exactly do drunk photos determine whether you will be good at a job.

Anyway employers do check these things and if Deloitte are willing to sick graduates already working for them over group emails on ‘the fittest guy’ in the office then you better believe firms won’t hire people over things on the Internet.