Do Baker Tily just do ACCA for Audit?


Looked at their website and there is no mention of the ACA, just ACCA. Is this the case with Baker Tily in respect to the audit graduate scheme?


I see no one has answered your question.
You can do the ACA with Baker Tilly. It was advertised in the ACA Training Vacancies I got at a careers fair. I’m hoping to do ICAS since I want to move to Edinburgh.

If you do the ACCA it probably wont be the end of the world. It seems ACA is offered in public practice, but if you go straight into industry the choice is between ACCA and CIMA, so it could still open up doors. ACCA is just a little less specialised than CIMA. I think, if you wanted to move into banking it would be better doing ACA, but in terms of going into any other sector you would probably be alright with ACCA.


No Baker Tilly also offer Ca training with ICAS. I emailed someone in HR a while ago about this too.


On the ‘training & development’ part of the graduate website it says that

“Typically our graduates take a 3-year course to qualify as chartered accountants”

I’ve taken this to mean that most of their trainees (including those in audit) study for the ACA, because if it was ACCA, they would refer to chartered CERTIFIED accountants.

Hope this helps.