Dissertation help


Ok, I know that technically this is not help with interview success, although I could make a tenuous link between the success of my dissertation research, my final degree mark, and its impact on my career.

So, to the point - I am currently completing a dissertation looking how people in the accountancy industry handle stress and how this impacts on their promotions and job satisfaction. As part of this I have a questionnaire which takes about 10minutes to complete. If anyone on these boards who is an accountant or a trainee, or even an accounts technician role could complete my questionnaire I would be extremely grateful. Its all done through survey monkey so once you finish it thats your part done. If you want your personal results you can enter your email address at the end of the survey.

Also if you know anyone else who could possibly fill in the survey it would be great if you could pass the link around.

The link is:

Thank you all



This is interesting research. Interested to find out your conclusions!


If you complete the questionnaire you’ll get the conclusions :wink:

That is unless you are a university student still? Research has been done there before.