Disney Internship - Accounting


Hello, I have got an interview with disney for the Accounting intern role, and would like to know if anyone else has done this and how they found it working there. Also if you know what sort of questions they ask, that would be really helpful.

Thank You


Anyone got any ideas???


You should be aware of the current economic situation in relation to retail and retailers - you also need to consider how Disney can improve their reputation and market share in the downturn… is this for an interview or an assessment day?


Hi thanks, this is for an interview. Have you worked there??


My interview is in a weeks time so anyone have any ideas???


Hey dude, I too have an interview and assessment day with Disney this Tuesday. I was just wondering what tasks you had to perform? What did they ask you in the interview etc? Would be lovely to hear from you… and I am sorry no-one could help you out before yours.


Hi there, How did your interview and assessment day go?? I have one in a few weeks, and was just wondering what type of things you did in the assessment centre?

Hope yours went well!