Discussion Thread


I think it would be good to have a casual discussion thread for people to talk about anything and everything. If it works, make it a sticky maybe Chris/Ed?

To kick things off, I’m unsure of graduate recruitment as a whole at the moment. With the economic crisis, city jobs are difficult to get.

Discuss anything and everything…


Yeah absolutely. Actually it might be time to introduce a new sub-section to the forum.

Funny you should bring this up. I was actually on News 24 yesterday giving WikiJob’s opinions on all this :slight_smile: …maybe we’ll get the link up.

Essentially, anyone applying for jobs now is in trouble. Any interviews scheduled may be postpned and any job offers made for 2009 starts may be rescinded. Frankly, no one knows what will/might happen regarding the economy, etc… but because of uncertainty it is likely companies will continue to recruit fewer graduates, this year at least.

My advice is stay at uni as lon as possible!


“My advice is stay at uni as lon as possible!”

Definately going to follow your advice there, might start looking at masters now…


Mirroring what Ed said, this is certain to hit all grad apps hard. This week I’ve had numerous rejections from IB schemes that I’ve been waiting on a decision from for weeks. Not sure if that’s coincidence.

What good will come out of this? Moving away from a recruitment point of view. Is this the end of an era for globally feared super-banks? I know that some people have been talking of a future where the big IBs are divisions of retail banks.

With regards to middle-market / boutique banks stepping up to fill the void left by Lehman / Merrill, it seems highly unlikely. Corporate Advisory will still be dealt with by the remaining BB banks, and isn’t really set to pick up for the coming year.

It seems we may be at a precipice with regards to the “halcyon days” of investment banking. Could it all be over?

Either way, I’m kind of glad to have experienced a financial meltdown, it’ll make the times when economy picks up even better. Thoughts?