Direct Hire Interview vs Graduate Interview


Hey guys,

I have a direct hire interview for an investment bank for a full time compliance role. The role is quite admin based, and asks for strong admin skills, as well as experience in research and customer service which I both have. I have only ever had graduate interviews within Investment Banking, which were competency based.

I was wondering if anyone had experience interviewing for a direct hire role at an Investment bank, and whether they could let me know if it would differ to the style I am used to. I am assuming I will be asked to draw more from my experiences related to the job and experiences which directly relate to the specified criteria of the role, and it will be more of a chat and run through of CV? Or will it be similar to graduate, where it is primarily competency based?

Any experiences would be appreciate

Many Thanks



I find it easier to interview for a direct hire role than graduate roles.

you have to focus, on your cv and work experience and how you can step into a challenging role with little supervision.

From my experience, recruiters are much more interested in your personality and you can establish a good rapport with the interviewer. with graduate roles, its all this competency based interviews rubbish, many excellent graduates get lost through these procedures.

i managed to get interviews at hedge funds, based on my personality alone and just been persistent.

good luck and it will work out


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