dilemma/ Job interview with in a weeks of starting new job


So I have applied for 2 jobs recently. One arranged for the interview straight away and sent me an offer. I started working for the company last week. On my 3rd day in the job, the 2nd company ( bigger company and better job ) informed me that I have passed the assessment and has invited me for the interview. Question is that would I come across very unethical to the 2nd company that am already interviewing with a week of starting new job.

Also can I tell them that I have started new job recently but keep their information discrete as I don’t want the 1st company to some how find out about my job hunting venture.As the company I have just started working for is also a very good company. Work colleagues are also great, I would feel really guilty for quitting if got the other job


Your situation is difficult, but not unique. This does happen, particularly for good candidates who are in demand! …from the candidate point of view (i.e. your point of view) you have to take your opportunities and keep your options open as you don’t know how many offers you will get when interviewing. I’d suggest you do the following.

Keep interviewing with the new company and be truthful, explaining to them that you have accepted and started a role somewhere else. Tell them you are not actively looking to change your job, but are so excited about the prospect of working at the new company, you would consider the change if offered.

Don’t tell the company you are working at anything about your interviews. Keep it quiet. Take time off to interview if necessary as doctor or dentist appointments. You don’t want to spoil your relationship with your current company as you might not get the role with the new company. If the new company do make you an offer and you want to take it, take it. Your current company will be upset but this happens and they will understand.

Good luck!