Difficulty with UCAS requirement points!


Hi all,

I graduated last year with a 1st in Economics and Finance, however as my UCAS points are below par and don’t meet requirements due to mitigating circumstances (which I have proof for), I am having great difficulty in applying to graduate schemes.

I would really appreciate it if someone maybe in recruitment could give me guidance on the next step to take.

For example should I re-do an A-level?

I have a years experience as a pensions analyst, however am looking to go into actuarial or an risk analyst role.

Many thanks.


Phone the companies before applying. If you have good mitigating circumstances and if you went to a good university; you will have a good chance. The companies will also be able to suggest you of any alternatives. Best of luck and keep trying.


Similar position to you.

I have gone on to do a Masters at a top 5 Uni (target) which has helped, otherwise I would be auto rejected (and was), even with the First.

I am assuming you didn’t go to a great uni, mainly due to your A-Levels grades? Further study might be the best option, but to be honest that can be costly, I got lucky with £12,000 worth of scholarships. You need to evaluate what you really want to do, is it worth going back to do an A-Level? I considered it, but really thought further study was a better option.


I thought places required your ucas points to be from first sitting so adding a levels at the end wouldnt really work. they often ask for dates of the exams etc I just think it would look a little wierd doing an extra a level after getting a degree.

I am in a similar position although I meet most requirement my a levels are not great so I think I’m still getting screened out. It sucks becasue the rest of my cv is good but some recruiters just dont seem able to look past your a levels


Cheers for the replies guys.

Well I went to Brunel University which wasn’t too bad of a university.

In reply to timmymagic07, yh i did think of masters however fee was just unaffordable :frowning: At the time I asked my careers advisors and they told me to try and get work rather than masters, which is another reason.

However now after obtaining a years experience in the financial industry, it’s just as hard!

In reply to tr226 I can agree with you that recruiters look at 1st time attempt at A-levels, however I just don’t know what else to try.

I am looking for a job which would support further professional qualifications, such as actuary exams or analyst exams as trying to complete them all on own funding is difficult.


Hi Islalli,
how r u?

I was searching wikijob and came across your post. I am at Brunel University at the moment studying Finance and Accounting. I am in the same position as u were last year. I have only 240 ucas points but am working towards a 1st. I cant apply to so many grad schemes coz of teh ucas requirements. If you dont mind me asking, how did ur grad job hunt go? and if you can give me some advice I would be very grateful.
thanks in advance for your help.


Hi, i know this page has kinda died but im in the same boat as you guys, starting second year and working towards a 1st and only 240/260 UCAS, cant remember which but definitely less than the 280/300 that seem to be required by most. If you guys or anyone else that was in this boat found a solution please can you share, I was thinking of doing an open university course or taking a Business Studies A level exam as didnt take it before but sure i could manage a decent grade, would this still count as my first attempt and employers will accept it or not?
Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I am also having the same difficulties. I am very much on track to graduate with first but my a levels is very low due to language problem i had before and also business ventures that went bust and i have to juggle between working for my brother and paying of some debts. I’ve been having problem with my grad jobs application. I’ve rejected by more than 30 companies now. I couldn’t explain my extenuating circumstances because I am afraid of lack of proof to shows. Any news on your application guys? it would be really helpful.