Difference in salary between consulting and audit/tax/legal


I have a management consulting background and spent half a decade in senior strategy and project management roles in consumer goods/manufacturing. I now may have an opportunity to join a big4 firm in Europe with their consulting division at Senior Manager level (might be able to stretch to Director, we’ll see).

I understand roles at the consulting divisions of the big4 firms pay significantly more than equivalent roles in audit, tax, legal, etc. so the salary averages on glassdoor, payscale etc. might be misleading for me.

Can anyone shed light on the actual difference? Thanks in advance.


You’re at Senior Manager / Director level and you’re looking for a salary comparison on a predominantly graduate role focused forum?

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Honestly don’t reckon anyone can offer specifics to this. However, if you think about the grades of the positions. There’s usually a fixed pay structure across the organisation based on your grade regardless of service line. So I wouldn’t imagine there would be a difference across the lines.


Not sure about legal and tax but senior levels in consulting are indeed paid significantly better than audit. Not only in base salary but also bonus. I can’t offer details because I never got there, but I heard in my office tax and consulting are paid similarly, and the charge rate of a tax partner is twice as much as an audit partner. Of course charge rate is not the real salary but can be somewhat indicative.