difference between 2:1 and first degree?



I’ve been having this question lately in my mind and i couldn’t a similar one in the forum.

Basically, I’ve already accepted an offer from KPMG in audit and I’m graduating this july. I’ve always wanted to get a first for my degree, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult as I go through all the exams (should have worked harder…). I’m pretty confident that getting a 2:1 should be really easy, and a 2:1 is all that’s required from kpmg. But the question is, would there be a difference between a 2:1 and first degree in terms of future career prospects. I’m likely to stay in kpmg for 3 years (to get the aca qualification), if not longer. Say, I leave kpmg after obtaining aca, with the qualification and 3 years of experience, would a first degree be much different from a 2:1 to an employer??

There’s also a possiblity that I take a master program some time in the future, or an MBA. Would a first degree make a difference in that case?




Hi Alex,

You have done very well to get an offer from KPMG - and once you have done the ACA with KPMG you will be in a very good position after 3 years

I would say just get on with the exams and make sure you get at least a 2:1 - once you have done the ACA you will be judged more on your business, communication, teamwork skills etc. rather than your degree grade so don’t worry about it

Every institution has its own requirements for masters - most will accept a 2:1 with no problems
MBA they usually prefer evidence of working in a business/managerial area for a few years


Hey gradjobhunter,

thanks for the reply, feeling less pressured now:D But i know what they say, you gotta aim for the first to secure the second, so i’ll keep up the work:)


Yeah - also ability to good in a degree is not the same as competence in your job (though their is some correlation)