Did anyone know anything about the BarCap insight day


Hi there,

I just got an invitation to attend the barclays capital operations in-house event.

But I have no idea about it, will they assess me during the event, or it just a pure introduction event.

Did anyone have some experience about the insight day, Plz give me some tips.

Thank you all!


I havent really heard anything like this before, can anyone go to the event? Is it on your campus or at Barclays??


It is at Barclays London office, I received an e-mail informed me about this event, and I just replied it.


Hey people,
I got an invitation for this event too and I will be attending it on tuesday. Anyone else attending this event? I dont think this is an assessment centre as this is the schedule for the event.

Arrival and Registration

18.30 – 19.30
Introduction to Barclays Capital and Operations

19.30 – 21.00
Operations Fair

Has anyone had any responses about their application or assessment centre?


How could you get invited for such an event, could you apply online?



Im not too sure how it all works but I recieved an email from Barcap saying congrats for passing the online tests and how they would like interested candidates to attend for an event evening and gave a form to send back. Im not sure who gets sent an invitation or what not but its definately worth going to or applying if you still can.



Is the Operations Fair means there are several emplyees answering our questions?


I am in the same situation as mrme.



I think the Operations fair would allow you to walk around and talk to different members of the Operations team and ask them questions. Alice are you going to be there tomorow?


Hey guys, I’m going to this event too. I applied for the operations role and got the same email. Funny thing is I didn’t even get asked to do the numerical or verbal tests! I have a feeling that this is going to be somewhat assessed, and they will at least expect us to make a good impression as it may have some bearing on whether we get through to the next stages. They did mention in one of the emails that we needed to do some research and figure out some questions to ask before we get there. I find this whole thing quite strange, didn’t really expect it (was pretty much expecting a rejection or no reply at all).

Has everyone else here applied for the Operations Graduate Scheme and already done the tests?


Turns out I already did the tests I just forgot I did them!

I’ve just had an email from them saying:

Dear Applicant,

We would like to inform you that your application has been reviewed and at this stage has been put on hold. We have received a very large amount of applications and are therefore carrying out interviews for the first two week of January before booking in more interviews.

You will therefore know the outcome of your application by mid January.

We appreciate yor pacience in this matter.

Kind Regards,

Campus Recuritment.

Anyone else in the same boat?


Was that for a graduate role?


Yea it was for Operations - Summer 2009 start. I’m interpreting that this basically means if they don’t fill all the places by the second week of Jan then I may be a shoe in…