Did any one attend SAI Ji Technologies AIX interview?


I heard SAI Ji Technologies is small AIX , Cloud computiny, Storage solutions company that has AI X admin L3 positions. Kindly tell me if any one has attended their interview.
Kindly tell me the questions and also probalbe answers. pls!


They have only 3 positions. As far as I know the positions got filled the 1st day it self.

They asked questions on hardware and software configurations in AIX, memory management in LPARS and troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting HACMP issues and how to do CSPOC in HACMP.
troubleshooting steps while issues while doing CSPOC in HACMP.


There were 5 positions not 3. I saw 4 people get selct before me with in 2-3 hours. 3 out of them were already working in IBM delhi on aix.
They concentrated on LPAR VIO troubleshooting no questions on aix to me. they were for L3 position . But there background check is very tough I heard.