Diageo Telephone Interview!



I was informed today I passed the online tests and i am onto a telephone interivew this Friday for the Sales & Marketing programme!

Has anyone has their telephone interview with Diageo? What questions did they ask? How long does it last?



Hi rd266,

I am in the same position now- could you possibly inbox me how it went? and questions?

Many Thanks



I’ve got a phone interview too. How did you find yours? Did they let you know how long it would take before you heard back?



Has anyone heard back yet? It’s been over 2 weeks since my interview so I wasn’t sure what feedback others have had?


I was just going to ask the same! I haven’t heard anything yet, when are they getting back to us?


Well I’m in “no news, is good news” mentality.

They did say on the phone it would be 1-2 weeks after the phone interview however.


I had my phone interview on the 3rd December but I haven’t heard anything yet. You guys on facebook so that once we start to hear we can let each other know?


I have my interview for the HR grad scheme tomorrow. Can someone please share what you’ve had on your interview (doesn’t matter if it was for another function)?