DIAGEO Numerical + Verbal


Hi there,

Has anyone had experience with the Diageo online aptitude tests for their Euro Sales and Marketing scheme? I’ve been practicing like a beaver on assessmentday.co.uk but I’m struggling to up my grade and my confidence is a bit shot. I think the numerical tests I’m doing might be designed for the banking industry and are harder than required for Sales and Marketing roles in general.

Any info on this would be much appreciated.


Hi I’ve applied about a week ago, do you know when you would expect them to hear back after the initial screening?


Hi Parsely,

I applied in the beginning of October and I just received an invitation for a numerical test. It took them ages to update me on the application. I am currently preparing for the numerical and verbal assessment ( I have an invitation for a numerical only, but I am sure they will send the verbal one as soon as I finish the first one). Let me know if you hear from them. Good luck.


Hi supergooner100,

Cheers for that. It’s a long time, one month. I used to pass all of the online tests when they were SHL and I used assessment day as practice. Particularly now that assessment day have changed/updated the numerical questions, your more likely to pass. However, if they are Kenexa ones, then a thorough practice is required. I’ve passed Kenexa ones before but the graduate ones have a much higher pass rate or they other candidates have a higher rate. I hope that helps.
I’ll let you know if I get pass the first stage.


Hi parsely,

I think you may have replied to Peter. In any case, I also applied in early October and completed both tests shortly after. I haven’t heard back from Diageo but I understand they have a high number of applications this year, and that has pushed them back a little. Hoping to receive a reply very soon, as I have other applications which have progressed positively, but I have a big preference for the Diageo scheme.

I actually think the Kenexa tests are slightly easier than SHL but I’m not sure about the pass mark for grad schemes. In hindsight assessment day.co.uk is good practice, but too simple to deal with SHL.

Prepare to wait a little, but keep us updated with how your application progresses and good luck.


I thought the Diageo were SHL online tests? Has anyone done them and had a reply yet?


Diageo are SHL. Mars and Kraft run Kenexa tests from my experience.


Hi Peter and Supergooner,

So I received my online tests today. Only got the numerical one though, I’m sure I will work out how the verbal one comes. It’s SHL, so you are correct and I like SHL ones!

So from submission on the 17th Nov to a reply today, so its not that bad. I’ve got 5 days from today to complete. Will do it soon. Also, tell me how yours is going as well!



Just applied for a position in KZN I don’t what to expect from an online assessment pls anyone eho have already gone through this pls help me.


Try also graduatemonkey.com they provide tutorial Ebooks and videos as well as practice tests (such as those from asessmentday. Really worth trying if you are aiming at improving your test score…