DHL Finance Graduate Telephone Interview


Hello, I have a telephone interview coming up for DHL for the role of finance and since it doesn’t say anywhere what sort of questions they ask I was just wondering if anybody could be of any help?


Hi James, I replied to your other post. I have the same interview on Thursday, when is yours?
I haven’t prepared much. I expect questions like why finance, why DHL, why work in Logistics and Supply Chain and the usual competency examples.


Hello, mine was actually on Monday.
It’s a little bit different to the others that I have had, but I was asked to talk them through my education history and work experience history, then the standard, why DHL, why finance, I was also asked about a recent news story so do some prep on that, it doesn’t have to be related to DHL though, then why I was interested in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and what I thought I’d be doing on a daily basis, think there was one competency bases question in there too.
Best of luck with your interview.


Hope it went well, good luck.
What did you say on what you thought you’d be doing on a daily basis?


I Just did my telephone interview with Dhl, its pretty much what james.taylor.737 wrote.
they ask you the motivation for the logistics industry, described a time where you worked in a team, why DHL, where you see yourself after completing the scheme, what do u think you will be doing in the scheme. i was so nervous when doing mine as this was my first telephone interview and this shows in my voice. i hope i pass fingers cross!!


Hey guys,

Did you hear back from them since your interview? And what did you tell on what you thought you would be doing on a daily basis?

Cheers and good luck!


Hi, yes, they emailed me the following day or the day after that, cannot remember exactly at the moment, but it was quick. I passed the interview, but unfortunately I would not be able to attend the assessment centre on the 17th Dec, and they don’t expect to have other days. Such a shame.
The question about what you think you would be doing on a daily basis - I mentioned things like - collecting various information, reviewing it, writing reports and recommendations, attending meetings and trainings and of course studying for the exams. That’s pretty much what you do in finance. But you don’t have to be very specific, it is assumed that you don’t have much experience, so there is no way to know exactly what you’ll be doing :wink:


Hey ValioMM,

Thanks a lot for your info about DHL! I have an interview with them next week and was just wondering what sort of questions did they ask? Are they the same as mentioned by others in a thread? Your help would be much appreciated!


Hi mate,
Yep, the questions were pretty much the same as the ones mentioned by James above. Also look through this for more variations of the questions -
Good luck! :wink: