Deutshe Bank - 1st round interview - Finance division! need help!!!


if any of u could share experiences abt the 1st round interview with DB, it would be really great!
I have read many topics here and one with eyt’s comments abt how he/she got the job was really useful! but it was more on the final round. im just wondering abt wat types of questions in the 1st round? do they focus more on commercial awareness rather than Competency based questions?
any help would b great, coz my interview is tmr’s afternoon! and i applied to Finance Div for Summer Internship!
thanx so much!!!


1st Round??? Wow DB are starting things late, most other banks are already at the AC stage?!?


Most other banks have slashed the number of grads they’re looking for though!


yeap, i have been waiting for 1st round interview from DB for such a longtime. but i did it well today, so feel quite happy :slight_smile: