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Hi MCG_b,

I’m just invited by Deutsche bank to complete online numerical test few days back. wanna know the level of difficulty, is it really tough? do you think exercises are necessary for DB’s numerical test?



depends how good you think you are at numericals. personally i need practice for the PSL tests (the ones DB use) particularly for keeping time. SHL ones are easier and I have done loads in the past so I would take it slightly easier for those. My advice to you is to get practising.


Agreed with wannabe_trader. For most of the part it really is about practice.

While I pretty much flunked the DB PSL test, I recently sat BoA’s PSL test and passed it. Neither were particularly dissimilar so about all I can say is that practice makes perfect.

Pass mark will vary from bank to bank but I passed BoA’s assessment having completed 17 of 20 questions.


Hello everybody,

I have to complete a PSL numerical test, and i need to practice. What is the best way?

I have done the onlie practice test ,but it’s very easy. Have you heard about a practice book??

Thanks in advance


In regards to the PSL test it isn’t that difficult in comparison to others.Tthe best method of practising is doing any sort of numerical tests to focus your thinking. Having worked within deutsche I can also tell you that it is highly likely that the pass mark for the tests will vary depending on the division you apply for. If your considering sales&trading its worth noting that a pass mark can fluctuate between 17-19 depending on the quality of applicants who have sat the test in the prior recruitment cycle.


@ Mul.

Sorry guys this is off topic! I have done my online tests with BoA 2 days ago and still got nothing from them.

Could you tell me after how many days you got the outcome of your result from BoA?

In general, I would like to stress that no banks has a pass rate of 90% because in this case they will lose tonnes of great candidates. So in my opinion the highest pass percentile in DB is 70%. So, I could clear all the test but sure that 18-19 of 20 are correct. Because I had 5 minutes spare to double check all my answers.

In my time line on application status it shows that I reached interview level. Does it mean that I got through the numerical?

Good luck guys!


has anyone gotten an email or anything after taking the numerical test?
I’m wondering how long it will take because they say that they’ll be in contact shortly :oS



Just received an interview invite for GTO - Technology.


@ Mul,

How long did it take for you to be invited for the interview after taking the online test?


I applied Deutsch bank IB on 9/09 and got invited to do the test on 15/09. They have sent out
On the 22/09, they sent out this email " Thank you for submitting your application for the Analyst Internship Program 2011. We are currently in the process of reviewing all applications.
We will not be progressing with applications until Mid November and we will contact you at this point. "
Guess it will be a waiting game now…hope it helps


actually this is very helpful but also weird - if you look at the recruiting calendar, the whole graduate program is supposed to be done by end of october (including all interviews).

I just wanted to know the status of whether i would be continuing or rejected!

It’s good to know that it took a week for them to respond after submitting the test!



Deutsche Banks recruitment doesn’t end until May of the recruiting year. For the Sept 2010 intake interviews were still being held for middle and front office. Only back office will tend to be finished by December.


aite guys, I just took the numerical and the verbal tests like 5 minutes ago.

I sucked at the numerical (answered 14 out of 20)

I finished the verbal 5 minutes before time. (24 questions). I don’t think I should get below 20 though.

Like everyone else, I ran short of time for the numerical test.

Has anyone here been called for an interview after the tests? If yes, how did you do in the tests?

Also, does the verbal exam cover up for the numerical tests? As in the total of both the exams.


@ankur244 i didnt get to do a verbal test! what division did u apply to??? I did my test about 3 weeks ago, didnt finish tho, Did about 16/20 and I still havent heard back from them :-S.


Spoke to HR at DB, they will get back to ppl 4 weeks after you have completed the online tests. Good luck and stay positive!


@msra5dk2 cheers mate, what division did you apply to??


its been over a month…i aced the tests fosho…but still no reply…applied to corp fin in HK


kk, goodluck bro


funny thing is I interned at the damn place… though not in corp fin


@iTo1: I applied for Transacting Banking in SIng. Wonder when will we hear from them…