Deutsche bank numerical reasoning test

Deutsche Bank


It’s my understanding that almost all applications make it to the numerical test stage. I’d go as far as saying that DB won’t be looking over your application until it has been paired with a numerical test score.

Has anyone even been informed that they’ve been successful with the test? Given my performance on the day I don’t expect a positive outcome, but I’m intrigued regardless.


I’m not sure abt whether they take a look at the application initially or not , i have received the mail to take the numerical test next day after i applied.

Finished my numerical test and could able to do 16 out of 20 questions.

The test provider is kenexa (

The questions were initially easy ones and later on the difficulty level increases as you pass through the test.

Has any1 done the test and got the results for the numerical test? any info is appreciated


I did 17 and guessed the other 3 - just cant leave them blank. Is it so bad to guess? If they are using negative marking, shouldnt it be a negative mark for either a wrong answer or a blank one?


I doubt they negatively mark. I’m just doing some practice ones on assessment day website before I take mine. Were they mainly % type questions, exchange rates etc?


Majority of the questions involved some % calculation in my test and there were a couple of exchange rate questions as well.


did all assessment day numericals + any others i could find on web this weekend. woke up 5am to do test before heading off to work today. managed 15 out of 20. reckon thats pretty s**t. left the others blank as ran out of time. i still remain optimistic…


I’m going to do mine tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed. Bottle will go when doing the test I reckon!! It’s not how difficult the questions are, I think they are all ok (from the practice ones) its all about holding the nerves!!


Just called DB at lunch to try and postpone test as I’m on an internship in the city.

Was urged to do it asap…

Any advice from anyone who has already taken the tests?!?

Btw, no negative marking and is based on a percentile.


practice tests are dead easy compared to actual test questions. the trick is to work through the easy percentage ones as quickly as possible. some questions (like average calculation ones) can be done in half a minute where as other ones require a little more than a minute. based on todays performance I might have hit 50th percentile max given i did 15 out of 20 (crappy). should have done better as spent all weekend practising. I’m guessing they are looking for people in the 90th percentile and above…


I highly doubt they are looking for 90th percentile plus. These tests are not to find which applicants are amazing at simple calculations. I think they are just to find out who is not terrible. Maybe they look for 60th or even 50th


In my opinion if they were looking for 50th percentile (i.e. your results being better than 50 percent of those who take the test) the numbers would be too large to invite for interview/ review application. they might look for 70th percentile and then review those apps and cut out a few more…


When I spoke with the recruiter this afternoon, he said that once you have filled out the application you are invited to take the test. The applications have not been screened at this stage. He then said that after the tests have been completed, the overall application will be considered. Therefore, I think that the percentiles will be lower than 90…


sweet! thanks for the info OTC. good luck for your test…


I think the test is to filter out the bad applicants, rather than find the good ones.


Anyone heard back from DB after completing the online assessments?


Still nothing…

FYI I applied a month ago.


ah mannn… i hate playing this waiting game. what position did you apply for if you don’t mind me asking? pm me if you want…


I am still waiting after completing the tests


This is unusual for DB standards. For the internship I had been through the whole recruitment process in less than 10 working days, from application to rejection after final round assessment day.

I will remain silent until I have finished tomorrow’s (previously postponed) assessment day elsewhere. Regardless of outcome I will then contact DB HR.


Hey guys

I completed the online test last week. I haven’t heard from DB yet.

Finger crossed!