Deutsche Bank numeric test

Deutsche Bank

I’ve done the numeric test for Deutsche Bank just now. Then after I submitted, a window popped out saying sth abt result submitted to server already. But immediately after that a the log in page comes out and asks me to log in again. Will this affect my submission?

Also, anyone knows how to check the result?


Hi Jerry,

How long did you get the invitation for online test after submitting the application form? I applied for Deutsche Bank on this Wednesday but haven’t get back from them.

Thanks a lot!


Maybe this will help. I applied last Friday and got the invitation for the test on Monday.

Good luck!


Hi Litoser,
I applied Thursday, got the invitation for online Numerical test the next day.
Can anyone please tell me what to expect from the numerical test??



Hey sukberdapo,

The numerical test is based on PSL and it’s not hard if you have well prepared for it. In fact, I can’t remember how many questions in the test. But I think you may have about 20 minutes to answer 20 questions.

Good luck to you!


I applied to technology graduate scheme and have completed the numerical test on 17th October. Didn’t any anything back since :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone , who got a telephonic invite yet ?


I have a question about numeric online test for people who passed it.
Should we complete all questions or would accuracy is more important rather than numbers of questions to attempt? Thanks.


Completed the numerical test yesterday morning. I didn’t think it was all too tricky, and you should be aiming to complete the 20 in 20 I think. However I would imagine that it looks better to have 15/15 than 15/20 - but that is just my opinion


have you heard back from ur online test result yet? if so how long does it take?


Hi, I have applied to the summer internship but have not received the test. It has been two days. Is it a bad sign?


The REAL questions for Deutsche Bank numerical tests are on

There are also worked solutions and explanations for each Deutsche Bank test on the website.


psychometricguru uk site has this also, plus worked solutions. they have skype conference for further training if needed :slight_smile: