Deutsche Bank Interview process

Deutsche Bank


I applied to the global markets summer internship(2011) at Deutsche Bank.

I sent in my application a couple of weeks ago and did a numerical test last week, a PSL test. Now I got the following message:

"Dear X
Thank you for submitting your application for the Analyst Internship Program 2011. We are currently in the process of reviewing all applications.
We will not be progressing with applications until Mid November and we will contact you at this point.
If you have any queries in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact the Graduate Resourcing Team on xxxxxxxxxxxx.
Thank you for your interest in Deutsche Bank.
Yours sincerely

Deutsche Bank Graduate Resourcing"

What does this mean, did I pass my numerical test, I manage to do 18/20 excercises but is not sure how well I performed. Have anyone else got the same message?


In the case of Deutsche they tend to wait for november in order to establish the overall level of candidate performance before judging individuals. Having worked as an intern on the Global Markets desks, in my experience they may take even longer given that it is a highly quantitative role. If you feel confident about your test I would advise you brush up on some basic econometrics and sharpen your knowledge of various derivatives and fixed income products as deutsche are especially strong in these areas. Particularly it would be beneficial to look at slightly more complex products such as X-swaps and CDO squared instruments. Also assuming you have studied financial markets as in most economics/finance degrees it is also worth familiarising yourself with valuation techniques. A good starting point is Black-Scholes and binomial pricing.