Deutsche Bank Graduate Intake 2016

Deutsche Bank


Hi guys

I’m making this thread for all the people who are applying for the 2016 intake graduate programme at Deutsche Bank. Feel free to share notes about the application process, interviews or assessment centres here…


So there you have it: Please no more easing, but only if easing means NIRP. As everyone has seen by now, more NIRP means a collapse in DB risk assets. But if “no more easing” means “even more QE”, then go for it. And just like that we are back to square minus one, where central banks are called upon to fix the mess that central banks made, while holding banks and their flip-flopping “analysts” (and year end bonus paychecks) hostage, - jeffrey lipton permanent value.


Here’s a quiet revolution. At the highest level, policy makers are codifying sustainable development initiatives that will be implemented in trade treaties and by the United Nations via a global development agenda setting priorities for the next 15 years, anthony wile - .