Deutsche bank first interview

Deutsche Bank

Has anyone recently had a first interview for Deutsche Bank?

I have my first interview coming up next week for the analyst position in Group Technology and Operations sector and am just wondering what the interview questions are like? ive read the Wikijob examples and prepared for them, but if anyone has some more first hand knowledge it would be great, thanks


i’ve had my interview - it was all competencies, although other people had other experiences. not sure if you know of this site, may be useful: has a good forum.


Was that first round noob? Have you had an [[assessment centre]] too?


it was the first round, haven’t heard anything back yet, so i’m guessing its a no :frowning:


I applied to DB about 10 days ago, how long did the initial screening take? Mine appears to be on the ‘Application Submitted’ stage for an eternity???


took a while. i still havent had any feedback from the interview and its been 3 working days TUT TUT for them. apparently, they’re holding AC, so it depends on how many they’re taking each time for each division. once they know there are still places available, they’ll contact you. altho, i do have to stress the word APPARENTLY.


I submitted my application for private wealth management at the end of September and I still haven’t heard anything back. Is this normal?!


Hey, I had a first round interview with them for GTO as well a few weeks back.

The interview was with 2 people within the division, they’d both worked for around 10 years each, maybe less, but not sure exactly how senior they were. Both were quite nice. I don’t think they have set questions to ask you, it felt more like a chat, and around half of the questions were competency - I got quite a lot asked about leadership. They probed this area a fair amount so asked further questions depending on my answers. Just prepare well for the competencies and you should be fine. The other half of the questions were based around commercial awareness, they asked me to describe the trade lifecycle, which part of Operations I saw myself fit in, and also what I thought about the credit crisis etc etc. Other than that they will ask compentency based questions around your CV and application form, so its important that you know and can talk in detail about anything you wrote in these.

I got an email the day after inviting me to the final round interviews. I think DB are pretty fast in telling you whether you got through or not. Hope this helps! and good luck!


they’re not always fast!!! i had my interview last tuesday, told me today i got through to the final stage!

when is/was your final round?


Yep I had my final round last fri, got a phone call today offering me the job!


hey eyt, well done, congratulations, is that for Group Technology and Operations? How long ago did you apply to DB?


Yeh, I applied for Operations which is part of GTO, more specifically TMG (Transaction Management Group). I applied early september, had first round interview end of sep, then final round last fri. The HR people mentioned that they are running final rounds every friday from now on, and last fri (17th) was the first.



didyou have to do a case study? and also for the numerical test, they mention to bring a calculator, but i remember not being able to use one?!?!?


Hey eyt,

Congrats on the job offer. Well done!!!

Can you kindly elaborate a little on your final round experience. How was the test? was it similar to the online test that DB set.

Also how was the second round of interviews different from the first round? Were there any technical questions?

I will really appreciate if you can provide your insights. thanks


arggh!! Still waiting for my DB application to be processed!! what was the test like? Was it SHL?


There was no case study, just a numerical test in the morning followed by 3 interviews. You do get to use the calculator that you bring, but they don’t provide any so make sure you bring one!

The actual test is psl also. To be honest I can’t really remember what the online test was like… For the test on the day, there are I think 40 questions and you get 45 minutes (I’m not eactly sure though). The quesitons are split into groups of about 4 or 5 on a double page spread where on one side there are 2 or 3 graphs/tables etc and the other side is questions. The questions are very easy at the beginning and get progressively harder/take longer to work out. I remember having to spend a few minutes for each question towards the end, and I missed out the last 5 or 10 questions or so because I ran out of time. Just make sure you work through as quickly as possible but make sure your answers are correct and also if there are any questions you aren’t too sure about then just skip/guess and come back if you have time.

The actual interviews I got were all purely competency, so almost no technical/commercial awareness questions were asked. Each interviewer will ask around a different set of competencies, but I still managed to use similar experiences/examples in each interview. But just make sure you have all your competencies covered. The first interview was more like a chat than the others - the interviewer did a short intro and then asked questions like… tell me about yourself in 2 min, why operations, did you consider other banks, if so why deutsche, followed by competency. The second and third interviews were much less like a chat. I basically went in shook hands and then they almost immediately started asking questions which were quite specific. I would say they were similar to those types of questions that the big 4 will ask you e.g. when have you adapted your communication style etc. The only technical like question I was asked was to give some advice on how deutsche could improve or continue to be successful in the current economic climate. Although I did get quite a lot of commercial awareness questions in my first interview so this is probably why they decided to focus mroe on competencies. Either way I think it will really help to know whats going on and have a really sound knowledge of the markets and how they work in case you get asked.

Contrary to what I thought throughout the whole interview process I didn’t get asked any questions like how many countries do we operate in? can you name anyone on our executive board? or how is our bank structured? although I did prepare for all these. Obviously its good to know just in case they ask.

Hope this helps.


Hey eyt,

Thanks heaps for your comments. I am due for an assessment centre with DB on 31st. Your comments will definitely help me prepare.

By the way how many others were there at your AC? Also what do you say when they ask about tell me about yourself in 2 minutes - should I talk about my education and any work experience or it is more of a question about my personality.

Were your interviewers from the business unit or they were HR people?

Thanks again for your assistance.


i’m getting all sorts of mixed comments about the deutsche bank 2nd round.

think eyt said they had their first one last friday and will continue to hold one every friday
i was previously invited to the one this friday (24th oct) but have been told all acs have been put on hold till 14th november
kingfisher says he/she got one on the 31st :S



When did they invite you to the AC?

When did they tell u your AC has been put on hold?


well on monday i got an invite for the one tomorrow (24th oct), then got an email an hour or so later saying that they had been postponed to the 14th nov. on another forum, someone else had the same experience, and they called up hr who said that it was the case for everyone!!!