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hey ppl, i applied to DB for finance around 3 weeks ago, did the test about 2 weeks ago and haven’t received any msg after that. anyone got calls for 1st round interviews? Also, I had applied for the same role last year, and was invited to the test and got the same message ‘u have successfully completed’ for about 6 months after which they said ‘sorry our positions filled up’. i hope something like that doesn’t get repeated!!


i completed the tests a long time back, but now have an interview next week…

hope it helps.


I did the numerical test two days ago and not heard anything


I did the numerical test two days ago and not heard anything


I applied at the start of october and had my first round yesterday. Just received an email asking me to go for the 2nd round on Friday.


hey pm13,

congrats on getting ur second round… n best of luck wid it!

could u please tell us a bit abt the kind of questions asked at ur interview fr DB Finance… were there any technical questions? or was it mainly competency based? did u apply to london office?

thanks in advance fr ur help!


Hi guys

I have been invited to a first round interview for the finance role. Any advice would be great!



The first interview is mainly competency based. Make sure you do your background research on the company and know enough to answer questions.

It lasts around 30 minutes and they may ask you to talk at length about different topics.

I applied for GTO - technology area and they didn’t ask much about my technical expertise.


hi pm13

could you be more specific with regards to the questions asked please. Did they ask commercial awareness questions? What kind of competency based questions did they ask? I have an interview soon and any help would be great!



I have my interview this tuesday anyone else heading down on that day?


i have an interview on tuesday at 4.30… how about you?


I just did the numerical test and think I only answered about 15 qs right. Would that be a problem? How did the rest of you fare on the numerical test…I’m getting kind of worried that I screwed it up.


mines at 1.30, but im going to be in london till 6ish do some shopping etc b4 i head back up.


@liybop, goodluck! I have an interview in the morning so I have a real busy day on tuesday! btw where did you study?

@youthinasia, i only answered 15 and some how got through!



@pm13 I have my GTO-technology first round interview on tuesday,

Did they ask you about IB in general or did they ask you to give technology based examples? I’m not sure about how much research I should do for the interview…

Thanks for your help!


How long after taking the test they let you know whether you’ve passed or not?


@ top_cat87, thanks for the message hope your interview goes well to (screw everyone else, nah im kidding i wish evryone the best of luck), i go to university of nottingham what about yourself? i answered all the q’s unsure how many i got right though must been beyond the threshold though.


@liybop yep ive got my GTO interview tomorrow as well! Gud luck in yours!


Ya I’ve got 1 tomorrow as well for GTO, 3:45.

Best of luck every 1.


Any 1 else got a 2nd round interview on the 27th?