Deutsche Bank Final Round Interview

Deutsche Bank


I have a final round at Deutsche Bank tomorrow. Any help and tips would be appreciated.



Division / position?


Summer Analyst - Global Markets



How did ur final interview go, what was involved and what kind of tricky questions other thank competency questions were asked?

Did u get through??


Hi Guys,

I’ve been through the whole process and got an offer a few weeks back for markets, any questions are welcomed.


Heyy, Fela, first of all, congrats!! I have my AC coming January and am quite confused what exactly should I prepare for the case study sinc in the email it simply says: The interviewer will ask you questions depending on your previous exposure to Investment Banking… Therefore, I conclude it is a one-on-one case discussion?? Any tips will be greatly appreciated! p.s. it is for Corporate Finance internship 2011


I have just completed my numerical test for the same role. Have I applied too late?



Dear Fela,
Dear Dragonkiller,

I have DB final round interview at mid-january for a summer internship at CIB:Markets… Can you kindly share your experiences in terms of kinds of questions? examples of questions? kinds of interviews (motivational, techincal)? Brainteasers?

I really do not have any idea!! any advice, also the more studip one, could be extremely useful!



Dear All,

I have first round interview for summer analyst position coming up soon… Would really appreciate if any of you could share your first round interview experience with me. =) Thanks and hope to get your reply soon


Hey anyone to shed some light on risk first round??

Many thx!


Hey Congrats!! may I ask what kinda numerical test did you get on the day of AC, and was it hard??