Deutsche Bank Final round interview- Need Help!

Deutsche Bank


i have a final interview for Finance internship coming up soon. Really hope those who have attended the final round interview could help me. I just have a few questions.

  1. Is the final round organised in the same way as first round? i.e ask questions based on CV OR do they have a set of questions to ask?

  2. what particular questions they asked that any of you still remember?

  3. and there seems to be a scenario question for Finance candidates. Is there anyone who had any experience of that?

any help is appreciated!


Did you have the interview? How did it go? What did you have to do?

The [[deutsche bank interview questions]] profile might help.


how was the interview?

I have the final round this week!


Hi, everyone!

The ones who have attented the AC, could you please tell whether you were allowed to use calculators at the numerical test.

Not knowing these facts can turn out to be a displeasant surprize.



Hi Chavez :slight_smile:

I think you mean unpleasant surprise, lol

when I did the deutsche bank test for the spring internship, we were allowed calculators.

hope that helps


Hi, Marhieba!

That was exactly what I meant.

Thanks for answering the question and for the English lesson :wink:


can anyone tell me on the application form if they just sent their cv with a cover letter in one file, or just attached their cv only?


Hi guys,

I’ve gone through the whole process and had an offer a few weeks back for Markets, any questions are welcomed.